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One of the best free tubes on the internet to watch television episodes and some movies but just like YouTubes movie play list it is very limited to amount of movies you can watch on it. But it has an awesome user interface that is very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Some drawbacks are that embedded videos sometimes no longer have the video on it you spent your time embedding but overall this tube called Hulu is top notch and gets a 8 out 10 for its looks selection and just plain awesomeness.


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This tube site is very well done with a graphics template that is very easy on the eyes and packs tons of great videos and funny movies. Lots of different channels to view and a best videos and classic videos section makes it easy to find hilarious videos in a instant. They could use a community feature and maybe the ability to do live streaming video over the web. Overall I give this tube site a 6 out of 10.

So what is your take on this tube site If you have one please share it would love to hear some honest opinions about the tube sites i review here on this blog so let them rip anytime you want I like to read what your thoughts are!

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This tube site like the other offers free videos online for anyone to watch it also offer a category for movies and television channels which I like a lot. They have a community feature as well but it lacks a lot of features the other tube sites offer but it is still a nice extra! The graphics are good and not unpleasing to the eyes but in my opinion could be better!.

So there is another review of a free video sharing website now it is your turn to give me your review of this tube site and do not hold back any punches when it comes to your review because I like to hear the truth and the whole truth!

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The title tag of this next tube site says it all “Redefining media” and is a great place to leak stuff onto the internet that you will not see on your local or National news. lots of great videos from various sources all around the World showing things countries and news stations do not want you to see.

Thank goodness for tube sites like this and I give this site 7 out of 10 for its great purpose. Whats your take on and the idea behind i am always interested in hearing what other people have to say about things to please do say something!

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This site is very well done in my opinion with lots of stuff on the front page that grabs your attention live the Top Live Show on the right hand corner of the screen. Very well done template and the site offers lots of things for user to do like blog or join groups or broadcast there live cam on the site. I give this one 8 out of 10 and like the way it looks and lets users interact.

So there is my take on this awesome video site now it is your turn do the same by clicking over and visiting the website and then coming back and giving a review of

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